miercuri, 19 octombrie 2016

Tourwizard - a virtual tour software

Yes - technology is constantly evolving and I am wondering if maybe our nephews are going to be able to raise their kids without even touching them - in fact... God knows what will happen with the people that live on this planet - what will happen with the planet itself or how the people of the future would define the entertainment. All those things will most certainly be wild guesses, or speculations - but today we already have the virtual worlds, virtaul applications, games, photo programs, virtaul tours and some more software solutions and hardware devices that evolved a lot and are proposing a new, revolutionary world that we could only dream of or read in some avangardist books (or maybe saw in the Star Trek series).

Oh well... nowdays in the company where I am working monday to friday we had to find, to evaluate, to make an internal review (for the management) related to the new trends that have emerged in the Real Estate industry in the last 20 years, and we have also included some things that would help in the future - so we tried our best to look into the future, only to find out wou far in the past we actually are, which is a bit discouraging - but fortunately we found this sooner than later.

So - we are a big company that is not using any kind of virtual tour software, a software that would be able to generate some great virtual tour presentations for our clients properties, which would allow them to make more impressions and to generate visits and interest more than in case of a standard, classic approach.

The conclusion was that we had to adopt a virtual tour generator as soon as possible and we choose Tour Wizard, which is a great solution, in fact... the best solution than money can buy.

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